BBBY stock - It’s Time to Exit! 5 Reasons to Dump BBBY Stock Now.

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This year, household goods retailer Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY) faces substantial financial problems, and BBBY stock investors are deep underwater. Granted, the company hasn’t officially declared a Chapter 11 filing. However, it’s probably only a matter of time before Bed Bath & Beyond spirals into bankruptcy. So, if you’re a current shareholder, consider hitting the “sell” button before a bad situation gets worse.

Granted, Bed Bath & Beyond’s shareholders might get a quick boost if meme-stock traders stage a massive short squeeze. Yet, there’s no guarantee that this will happen. Besides, a short squeeze wouldn’t fix Bed Bath & Beyond’s fundamental problems.

Sometimes, investors just have to acknowledge a company’s issues and sell for a loss. It’s fine to root for an underdog, but this isn’t the time be a hero and risk your hard-earned capital on BBBY stock.

Vendor Consignment Program Doesn’t Bode Well for BBBY Stock

Bed Bath & Beyond’s reputation has deteriorated to the point that vendors are apparently hesitant to do business with the company. That’s the message I took away from Bed Bath & Beyond’s announcement of a “vendor consignment program” with ReStore Capital.

Here’s the lowdown. ReStore Capital will purchase as much as $120 million worth of merchandise from Bed Bath & Beyond’s “key suppliers.” This deal is intended to boost Bed Bath & Beyond’s inventory levels.

Bed Bath & Beyond can try to spin this event as a positive development. However, think about why Bed Bath & Beyond would need to bolster its product inventory. As a Barron’s report explains, “vendors fearing a potential bankruptcy filing have requested upfront payments and cut credit limits” with Bed Bath & Beyond.

In other words, the vendors see the writing on the wall, and Bed Bath & Beyond has serious reputational issues. So, even if Bed Bath & Beyond’s press release makes this event sound positive, it’s actually a major red flag for the company.

Bed Bath & Beyond’s Financial Issues Are Unmanageable

Should Bed Bath & Beyond’s vendors fear that the retailer will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection? Let’s look at the facts. Bed Bath & Beyond’s most recently filed Form 10-Q (which covers data from late 2022) indicated that Bed Bath & Beyond had $1.03 billion of long-term debt and $5.2 billion of long-term liabilities.

Furthermore, Bed Bath & Beyond has been unprofitable for over a year now and has a track record of missing quarterly EPS estimates by a wide margin. Some analysts aren’t even bothering to cover Bed Bath & Beyond anymore. Morningstar analyst Jaime Katz does cover the company, but not with a positive outlook. Katz assigned a “$0 per share fair-value estimate on no-moat Bed Bath & Beyond,” and expects that the company “will eventually declare bankruptcy.”

Even the company seems to admit that it’s teetering on the edge of a Chapter 11 filing. Alarmingly, Bed Bath & Beyond acknowledged that the company “will likely file for bankruptcy protection” if it fails to receive the proceeds from a $300 million common stock share offering. That, by itself, should convince cautious traders not to invest in Bed Bath & Beyond.

What You Can Do Now

Given the preponderance of the evidence, Bed Bath & Beyond’s current shareholders have a tough decision to make. As bankruptcy looks imminent, even Bed Bath & Beyond’s staunchest investors should seriously consider bailing.

Even if you’re into meme stocks, don’t even think about buying BBBY stock now. Bed Bath & Beyond has poor financials and a shaky reputation with its vendors. So, set aside your meme dreams and invest in a company with better future prospects than Bed Bath & Beyond.

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