Biology is the study of life. And synthetic biology is the creation of new life for new purposes. Ever since the Green Revolution of the 1970s, synthetic biology has allowed us to make new crops, drugs, and additives for profit and to make the world a better place.

But the true promise of synthetic biology is still to come. Many drugs and products are still made chemically, but can instead be made with synthetic biology. Many novel organisms can be used for research or industrial purposes. And the rewards of wealth still await the investors who can understand the science and finance of the best synthetic biology stocks to buy now.

It’s also critical to understand the breadth of synthetic biology in today’s market. Synthetic biology is so much more than DNA stocks. It includes hundreds of companies making new organisms for new purposes. It has spread across nearly every industry sector that uses biology at all. Thus, the synthetic biology revolution is not a small part of the stock market anymore.

Although synthetic biology stocks had a poor 2022, a new year is still ahead, and the future looks bright for the industry. Don’t write all synthetic biology stocks off just because the meme stocks crashed and burned! Here are 3 DNA stocks to buy for the synthetic biology revolution.

TXG 10x Genomics $52.64
CRL Charles River Laboratories $191.24
TWST Twist Bioscience $11.95

10x Genomics (TXG)

10x Genomics (NASDAQ:TXG) specializes in the study of single cell genomics. Although all the cells in our body contain the same DNA, that DNA is stored, read, and used differently in different cells. That is what allows muscle cells to develop and act differently than nerve cells. And 10x Genomics gives researchers a window in the world of each individual cell in a body.

10x Genomics allows scientists to sequence the DNA or RNA of millions of cells across multiple different dimensions simultaneously. That allows researchers to study how cells react to drugs across multiple avenues. It also allows researchers to spot why a drug may work for some cells and not others, as well as how to fix that.

10x Genomics stock fell hard during the biotech crash of 2022, but has been recovering since then. Their Q1 2023 earnings show a company with growing revenue, and the cash on hand to continue losing money at their current pace for a while yet.

Genetic sequencing is only going to get more important as drug screens become more and more complex. Scientists are now making completely new cells, of multiple types, to assist in studying how drugs will react inside our bodies. And every cell is tested across multiple genetic avenues. More and more drug companies are entering the world of Big Genomics, and that’s exactly why they’ll be working with 10x Genomics.

Charles River Laboratories (CRL)

Charles River Laboratories (NYSE:CRL) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that specializes in making other companies’ synthetic biology dreams into a reality. The company provides services for making and testing any new genetically modified species to suit a client’s needs. Scientists often want to study an animal that is specifically tailored to model a human disease or condition. Charles River’s technology allows for more accurate results when performing drug screens against that condition than when using naturally-evolved animals.

Charles River also sells its contract research services to other synthetic biology companies. Many companies have a will, but not the way to perform complex synthetic biology. Charles Rivers has the synthetic biology expertise to help those companies. This provides a niche, allowing the company to profit off the entire synthetic biology industry, rather than being tied down to a single drug or pipeline.

It may seem unglamourous, but a CRL stock is a much safer play than investing directly in a smaller synthetic biology company. Whenever someone invents a new drug, they’ll need someone to help them screen it, make it at scale, and test it for purity. Charles river is that someone.

The company’s Q1 2023 earnings highlighted $4 billion in revenue and $489 million in net income. Demand for the company’s services will only increase with the continued rise of synthetic biology. It’s best to get in early in cases such as this.

Twist Bioscience (TWST)

Among DNA stocks, Twist Bioscience (NASDQ:TWST) stands above the rest in terms of price. It offers to sell DNA at a cost as low as 7 cents per base pair, far below competitors like Genscript (OTCMKTS:GNNSF) and Azenta (NASDAQ:AZTA). DNA is the fundamental ingredient of synthetic biology. And Twist is positioned to sell more of it than anyone else.

DNA may seem like simple stuff, but don’t be fooled. For any single new organism that gets commercialized, there were thousands of organisms that had to be created and tested. And for each organism created, a specific genetic library must be purchased to create it. Demand for novel DNA will continue to increase as more synthetic biology companies are created. And Twist’s price means it can sell to all of them.

Like other synthetic biology companies, Twist’s stock took a beating in 2022. However, unlike many of its peers, the beatings haven’t let up in 2023. Still, the company’s Q1 2023 earnings have given reason to be hopeful. With 25% revenue growth year-over-year ($48 million to $60 million), they’re making headway. And with $315 million in cash and cash equivalents with $61 million in net loss, they can keep this burn rate for some time yet.

While Twist may be a speculative play, they’ve got the runway needed to fly. And that makes Twist one of the most enticing synthetic biology companies of 2023.

On the date of publication, John Blankenhorn did not hold (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

John Blankenhorn is a neuroscientist at Emory University. He has significant experience in biochemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.

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